Digital transformation

In the era of big data
Strengthen enterprise digital survivability

Cross-border trade

In the era of globalization
Enterprises do business all over the world

New domestic forces

In the era of branding
Local enterprises create new brand power

Enterprise Ecological Service

Zhihuo provides intelligent ecological services based on precise needs

  • Website design
  • Digital marketing
  • Technology development
  • Offline activity
  • Brand design
  • Website construction and applet development

    Brand website construction Own CMS can build PC,mobile and applets
    H5 Custom development Have multiple scene solutions to do personalized function customization
    WeChat application development Multiple WeChat applications,in-depth custom development
    App development Help companies achieve business strategic goals

    Enterprise integrated digital marketing services

    SEO Help the enterprise's official website to promote the entire network
    Brand reputation Network-wide public opinion monitoring and word-of-mouth modeling
    Social media marketing Help brands to market on WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other platforms
    SEMservice Help customers manage search engine bidding accounts

    Enterprise software system custom development service

    Enterprise management system In-depth custom development of enterprise internal systems
    Industrial software development Deeply customized industrial software system solutions
    Marketing system development In-depth customized marketing system solutions
    Industry software development Customized software development for industry needs

    Offline marketing campaign planning and execution services

    Exhibition Service Exhibition planning, performing arts performance, multimedia interaction
    Acitivity Service Planning, design, and overall operation of offline theme activities
    Conference Services Enterprise annual meeting, academic meeting, training meeting, etc
    Match Service Match planning, event communication, on-site execution, resource docking

    Brand planning and VI design services

    Brand consulting Providing brand positioning strategy,layout strategy consulting services
    Brand design Providing logo,VI,IP image and other designs
    Package Design Providing outer packaging,bottle stickers,cartoon packaging,gift packaging design
    Promotional design Providing brochures,creative posters,business cards and other designs
  • Video service
  • Mobile marketing
  • E-commerce service
  • Foreign trade service

Enterprise video shooting and operation promotion service

Corporate video Use images to tell the brand and create a "dynamic business card"
Short video operations Build corporate brand and personal IP, and at the same time lead the business
Live delivery Short video live marketing realizes fan purchase conversion
Celebrities Resources Zhihuo celebrities and fast-track business cooperation

Mobile Internet Multi-channel Marketing Promotion Service

App promotion Promote apps based on platform rules and new communication methods
Information flow ads Effective bidding ads on mobile internet platforms
Applet promotion Drainage and conversion of small programs through multiple online channels
Mobile resource Promote with high-quality channels,return value

E-commerce customized development and operation

Brand independent e-commerce Build independent official e-commerce malls for brands and retailers
Industrial e-commerce platform Help he digital transformation of manufacturing
Omni-channel new retail Help brands quickly realize the omni-channel new retail model
E-commerce operation Provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce operations for SME

Foreign trade platform construction

Foreign trade website construction Help Chinese companies build a global brand and product promotion platform
Foreign trade website promotion Let our enterprise face the world with the best appearance
Overseas advertising Have global advertising resources to accurately cover users

About Zhihuo

Everything in Zhihuo

  • Since its establishment in 2011, Zhihuo has been continuously cultivating in the field of enterprise services, insisting on node management, and using powerful execution to help customers deepen their landing in brand building, marketing promotion, interactive activities, digital management, etc.;Zhihuo adheres to long-termism, and uses guaranteed follow-up services to help customers continue to optimize and improve after the demand falls
  • After years of ups and downs, Zhihuo has never changed his heart and kept pace. He has provided more than 1,500 services to more than 1,000 companies in total, and has accumulated rich practical experience.Zhihuo will continue to forge ahead, dig into the industry to polish details, solve more customer needs, and provide better enterprise services
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We have grown together since 2011

News Information

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07/13 2020
The 8th TopDigital Innovation Ceremony was held on July 2, 2020 at Shanghai Longemont Hotel

Towards the perspective of actual combat, TopDigital Innovative Marketing Case Award focuses on the four levels, including strategic marketing, technical marketing, content creativity, and full case integration. According to relevant standards, nearly 100 experts who are industry leaders, university professors, or senior media-man strictly reviewed over 2,000 works in this category. It is lucky that Zhihuo was invited to participate in this grand ceremony and won two silver and bronze awards thr

06/24 2020
Zhihuo Shanghai Office Relocation Office Announcement

Due to the increase in business demand and better customer service, Zhihuo Shanghai Office started the renovation on April 18, completed the renovation and moved back on May 4, and then completed the interior decoration one after another. It has been used for more than one month. After the renovation, the new office not only expanded the work space, but also greatly improved the overall environment and layout, greatly improving the pleasure and comfort of everyone's office. In addition, there ar

05/11 2020
Zhang Hongzhe appointed as COO of Zhihuo

Zhang Hongzhe joined Zhihuo in early 2019, and has worked as an executive or manager in Zhihuo Marketing Department, Copywriting Department, Marketing Department, and Media Department. On April 30, 2020, the rotation is over. From May 12, 2020, Zhang Hongzhe officially took the post of COO of Zhihuo.


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